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SafeRide UX

[SafeRide interactive demo]

LESA usability testing

PoGo optimization maps


the [in]accessible web

//interactive demo coming soon


cyberpunk x activism

[HK.spray app demo]

//coming soon

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about me

lam jane detzler
age: 21
gender: f
status: sleeping, probably
loves: weird & fun design constraints, flipping things upside-down and seeing what happens.

I am a UX designer and researcher from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, concentrating in Human-Computer Interaction. Some of my areas of interest include IoT, human-AI relationships, and bringing underprivileged perspectives into the design process.

Outside of that, I have a bad habit of collecting hobbies: DIY electronics, stickers, vehicles, composing, mechanical keyboards, and art in various forms.

I have a cat, Sakamoto, who loves to sleep on me while I play videogames.

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telegram: @anchovie
twitter: @anchoviedraws

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//last updated: 09-06-2021

I build and maintain this website by myself as a side-project, learning as I go. As a result, I try to keep it as lightweight as possible for my sanity. The site is hosted on my dear friend Avery's Orange Pi. They do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Go on. Visit their page.